Easily keep socket tools in the socket organizer

As with everything around the home, an organization is a key. If everything is put away and organized, you will find it easier to use and find when you need it. There are plenty of hacks that you can use in your workshop to keep your tools organized. Most garages, especially larger ones are usually treasure troves of chaos. Logically you need to have a spring clean out, throw out what is broken and organize what you use the most.

Make a Foam Layout

For socket tools, if you don’t have the original box they came in, they can get lost and damaged. Create your own space for them with a foam base. Any time of foam liner works perfect for this idea. All you need to do is measure your box you want to keep the socket tools in and cut the layer to fit this size.

Before you begin cutting out for the tools, lay them out on the foam. Look at the way you are arranging them and then arrange them in the most logical way. Put tools that you use the first near to each other. Once you have the layout correct, then trace around the tools. You can now start cutting to make room for the tools. Foam is inexpensive and will keep the tools from getting scratched and damaged. If you don’t have a box, then you make foam bases in drawers in the garage for your socket tools. You need best socket organizer to keep your socket safely.

Cut Finger Holes in the Organized Space

Even if you have a socket set which comes in a box, sometimes they are poorly organized. These types of sets always come with a foam base. You make one yourself or already have one cut finger holes in the foam, where you pick up the tools. This will make it a lot easier when you need to grab something quickly.

Color Code or Add Labels

Depending on the size of your socket set you might want to think about adding labels. Print out marks and stick them on the box of exactly what the socket set contains. Try and arrange your socket sets into tools you use the most and ones you use the least. Another unique way is putting color-coded labels into the tools themselves.

For example, for your main toolbox that you use you might want to mark it with a blue color. For another toolkit, you might use green. Mark the box and label each tool inside the box. Rather than throwing everything in one box or wherever you find space, this is a good way in keeping everything organized after you have used it.

Always try to create your own space. The socket organizer the socket set came in probably isn’t the best option when it comes to organization. Use foam and labels, and you will find everything can be organized a lot easier. You can also cut the right shapes out of the foam for a tighter fit.

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