15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make in a Rice Cooker

There is no doubt that the rice cooker is the best ‘set and forget’ appliance to cook perfect rice. Nevertheless, it deserves much more appreciation than that because rice cooker is an excellent appliance to prepare a variety of other meals also. Furthermore, cooking them in the rice cooker can save us from our daunting daily tasks in the kitchen as well as our precious time.

Today, we have gathered the best rice cooker meal recipes that you can make in a rice cooker. So, keep reading and start to manage a life with less hassle and full of mouthwatering dishes.

Rice cooker and its tasty recipes

From breakfast to dinner, you can use rice cooker to cook every meal of the day. Trying these recipes will only enhance your ability to manage your rice cooker, and you will be able to make tasty dishes of your preference in no time.

Boiled eggs

There is nothing simpler than boiling an egg. However, eggs get technically steamed in a rice cooker rather than boiled. Also, rice cooker eggs are known to be very easy-to-peel.

  • Begin the cooking by placing the eggs in the steamer basket. You can cook the eggs with or without rice. After they are done, just put them in an ice bath and peel them.
  • In addition to this, you can cook many eggs at once in a rice cooker. So, use the rice cooker if you have a bunch of eggs to cook.

Oats and porridge

If you are craving a hot breakfast, cook overnight oats in your rice cooker without much hassle.

  • Before anything else, let the oats soak in your cooker overnight. Just turn on your rice cooker in the morning and enjoy your bowl of hot cereal.
  • You can use either water or milk. So, use the type of liquid as your preference.
  • The measurement of the liquid depends on the type of oats and the model of your rice cooker. For example, steel-cut oats need more liquid than old-fashioned, regular oats.


When you crave something egglicious for breakfast or brunch, go for frittatas.

  • Begin with preparing the veggies and other ingredients. You have to cook your vegetables beforehand.
  • Beat the eggs. You can do this in your rice cooker bowl. Next, add the ingredients such as milk, salt, etc. in it.
  • Put on the lid, set the rice cooker on general rice cooking timing.

Mashed potatoes

You will be surprised to find out how well your rice cooker can make simple mashed potatoes.

  • Just steam the potatoes in the steamer basket or boil them in the rice cooker pot. Make sure they are tender when the cooking is done.
  • After that take them out with a tong(either plastic or metal). Mash the potatoes and add milk and butter.
recipes in rice cooker

Steam your veggies

Now that you know how to make mashed potatoes in your rice cooker, how about you turn your attention to other veggies. Steaming your vegetables are not only easier in your rice cooker but also a much healthier option for your diet.

  • Always steam your vegetables in the steamer basket. This will help to preserve the nutrients.
  • Steam them while the rice cooker cooks rice. This way you can save time.
  • Feel free to switch the water for a broth of your liking. This will give extra flavor to your greens while the veggies add their flavor into the rice. 
  • For cooking time for different vegetables, take a look at the instruction manual that came with the rice cooker.

Steam your meat or fish

Like your vegetables, steaming meat, poultry and fish in a rice cooker are quite hassle-free.

  • Just start by cleaning the meat or fish. To save your time in the kitchen, steam the meat or fish while cooking the rice in the rice cooker.
  • You can steam a whole chicken or fish depending on the size of your rice cooker. Add spices to the liquid in the cooking pot for extra flavor.


Include cooking artichokes in the healthy rice cooker recipes. Among the various ways to cook an artichoke, steaming it is the easiest. And your rice cooker is the best appliance to do so.

  • First, you have to remove all the spiky parts from the artichoke’s leaves. Trim the stems also.
  • Then, put water in the cooking pot and steam them in the steamer basket for a minimum of 30 minutes.


Why not include beans in your diet when they are so easy to make in a rice cooker? Buy dried beans as much as you want cause this will help you to balance your healthy eating habit.

  • Remember to soak up the dried beans overnight. Drain and rinse them before cooking.
  • Add water according to the type of the beans. You can mix some spices into the water if you want to.
  • Enjoy the beans as you prefer after the cooking is over. You can make hummus by cooking chickpeas is this process.

Soups and Stews

Cooking soups and stews in a rice cooker can save both your time and energy on the lazy winter evenings.

  • Prepare all the ingredients and put them into sufficient water or broth of your liking. Turn the rice cooker on.
  • After it’s done, enjoy it as your meal or a side dish.
  • Make stews with your preferred ingredients. Only use less water than the soup recipe.
  • Chillis can also be made in the likewise process. So, don’t forget to give it a try.
rice cooker soup


Among the simple rice cooker recipes, cooking spaghetti is one of our favorites. You must cook it at least once in your rice cooker to understand why.

  • Start the recipe by breaking the dry spaghetti to fit your rice cooker pot. Then put it in with water, olive oil, and salt.
  • When the cooker turns off, check if the spaghetti is slightly undercooked. If it is, pour in the sauce and cook until the spaghetti is completely done.

Macaroni and cheese

It’s tough to find a human being who doesn’t like to eat mac and cheese. Well, now add this dish into the easy rice cooker recipes without any hesitation.

  • For this recipe, all you need to do is prepare the pasta beforehand.
  • Pour water and pasta in the rice cooker pot. You can put the pasta after the water starts to boil also.
  • Give it some stirs while it cooks. After the pasta is done, just mix it with cheese, milk and other necessary ingredients.

Large size pancakes

Yup. You are reading this right. If you are craving for something sugary, just make a big sized pancake in your rice cooker. You can divide it into pieces afterward.

  • In the beginning, make the batter in a separate bowl first. Grease the cooking pot with butter.
  • Next, pour the batter in the cooker pot. Mix chocolate chips, cocoa powder or sliced bananas in it if you prefer.
  • After it is done, serve the pancake with butter or syrup of your choice.


Let us turn our focus on another type of cake, the cheesecake. Your rice cooker is capable of replacing your oven for some food items. Thus while you are craving for a delicious cheesecake, trust your rice cooker.

  • At first, mix all the necessary ingredients such as cream cheese, sugar, eggs, flour, etc. You can do this in the rice cooker bowl.
  • Set the bowl in the rice cooker and turn it on. Use general rice cooking settings.

Chocolate cake

It seems the best rice cooker recipes have no limit. You can make a chocolate cake in your rice cooker without thinking twice.

  • Start by mixing all the dry and wet ingredients to make a batter. Grease the cooking pot with butter and pour the batter in.
  • Turn the rice cooker on and wait for an hour to enjoy the delicious chocolate cake. 

Banana bread

Who said you have to leave the banana bread out from this list? To be honest, making banana bread in the rice cooker is very straightforward.

  • Just start with mixing all the ingredients and make a batter. Grease the rice cooker bowl with oil or butter.
  • Then pour the batter in and turn the cooker on. Cook it on general settings for rice.

As soon as you grasp these recipes that you can make in a rice cooker, go ahead and have fun with it. The list of things to cook in a rice cooker will keep expanding with your experiments with your rice cooker.