How To Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is an appliance that can cook any type of rice perfectly. That’s why it has become an invaluable help in our kitchen. And being so easy to manage makes it the best electronic cooking appliance we could have ever hoped for. However, many find it hard to use because of some simple yet common mistakes.   

If you are one of the sufferers, don’t worry. We are here to help you regain your confidence to cook the perfect rice in your rice cooker. So, get your rice cooker out of the cupboard or invest in one if you haven’t already.

Start with the Healthiest kind of Rice

As strong supporters of a healthy diet, we suggest you start the cooking journey with the best type of rice. Consider cooking brown rice as it is full of nutrients like B vitamins, phosphorus, and magnesium. Magnesium is essential for the functions of muscle while phosphorus provides help to build the bones. Furthermore, brown rice contains a nutty flavor that is absent from the white rice. 

Thus, we have created this detailed guide for you on how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker.  

Keep Calm and Let’s Begin

A proper cooking experience starts with the right preparation of the ingredients. Unfortunately, many skip the first step of this preparation process which is making sure the raw ingredients are correctly washed.

Remember to clean the rice

Most of the kinds of rice require cleaning before cooking. It is to get rid of the excess starch. In addition to this, rice can contain harmful contaminants and pesticides that are used during their cultivation. By rinsing them, you will eliminate your chances to get sick with food contamination. 

Therefore, you must check the packet of brown rice before or after the purchase. It is because the rice of some particular brands does not need to be rinsed.

In case the directions on the packaging aren’t clear enough, go ahead and clean your rice. Our goal is to rinse until the water starts to appear transparent. Use a strainer to make rinsing quicker.

You can also use the rice cooker pot for the rinsing process. Just fill the cooker bowl with water and keep the water level over the rice. You have to stir until the water turns white. Then, drain the water by tilting the bowl. Practice using your palm to catch the falling grains while doing so. 

Finish the rinsing after the water turns clear as much as possible. After this, the rice is ready to be cooked in the rice cooker. Please note that soaked rice helps the cooking process to speed up. Hence, soak your rice for 30 minutes before you start the cooking.

Make peace with measurements

Even though cooking brown rice in a rice cooker is very straightforward, wrong brown rice to water ratio can turn your whole experience in the kitchen bitter. As a consequence, you will either end up with under cooked rice or rice that are too mushy. 

Oh, don’t have to buy measurement tools right away. A rice cooker usually comes with a measurement cup. You need to utilize it for your own good as it will give you the exact measurements for rice and water. 

Additionally, most rice cooker bowls have a scale inside that marks both the rice and water level. If the bowl of your rice cooker has these marks, follow it to fill the cooking pot. 

Suppose your rice cooker pot does not have any scale inside, take a look at the instruction manual. The booklet that comes with the rice cooker usually provides all the necessary guidelines. 

Turn on the rice cooker

After you fill the bowl with the correct amount of water and brown rice, place it inside the rice cooker and put the lid on. Once you have done that, start the rice cooker and sit back while it does its job. 

To satisfy your palate, add ingredients(we use ghee or butter, bay leaf, and some cardamom) of your liking in the pot. Feel free to include spices during the cooking process(a little bit before the cooking is done).  

After the rice cooker finishes the cooking, it will automatically switch into the ‘warm’ setting. Hold on...don’t take out the rice yet. Let your brown rice sit in the rice cooker for approximately 10 minutes. This way your rice will be cooked with perfection. Besides, the rice will stay warm whenever you want to have your meal. 

Know your Rice Cooker

To master the habit to cook perfect rice in rice cooker, you must know this highly useful appliance well. Plus, a rice cooker can be used to make a variety of dishes. Therefore, you must take a good look at the options available in the market before buying one.


You need to carefully consider the different sizes of rice cookers. While there are small sizes that can cook rice for one, some large-sized rice cookers can cook up to 14 cups of rice at once. It’s also important to know that rice cooker works the best when three-quarters full. On the other hand, you must not overfill the cooking bowl. So, choose one that will cater to your needs.

Moreover, rice cookers belong to the group of ‘set-and-forget’ electronic kitchen appliances. Thus, you have to keep it in a firm position while cooking. Go and take a good look at your kitchen counter. Before purchasing your rice cooker, it’s better if you can manage an individual space for it. That would ensure that you can indeed set the rice cooker and forget about it until you serve the meal.


After you decide which size you need to buy, turn your attention to the various types of rice cookers. You can choose from three types of basic rice cooker models. 

The first kind is the one with simple ‘on and off’ settings. This means when the cooking is done, the rice cooker will turn off. Although these type of rice cookers are less expensive, they cook rice perfectly just like the costly ones. 

The second types are the rice cookers that have the ‘on, and warm’ settings. These rice cookers don’t have an off button, but they automatically switch to the 'warm' setting as soon as the cooking is done. They are also the models that come next in the price range. 

The third kind of rice cookers is called the ‘fuzzy logic’ models. Having fuzzy logic means that the rice cooker has multiple advanced settings for cooking different type of meals such as individual settings for rice, soup, and even porridge. Some of these models have options to choose the texture you want your cooked rice to have. These are expensive, and most of them include induction heating system. In regards to cooking rice, these types do the job correctly. 

Finally, check the stuff that comes with the rice cooker model. The steamer basket is handy for different recipes. Also, It will be helpful if the rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and a plastic spoon(so your non-stick rice cooker bowl stays intact while taking out the rice with it).


Safety Rules are the Best Tools

Being an electronic kitchen appliance makes the rice cooker an instrument of a fire hazard. That’s why don’t forget to carefully read the instruction manual. It will provide you with lots of necessary measurements and safety rules. 

All you need to do is invest in a rice cooker, and start cooking with it. The more you use it, the more you will get familiar with this appliance. After that, your struggles to learn how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker will seem like a distant memory.