The Pros & Cons of Coffee Pods

Coffee pods have been becoming increasingly popular in the recent years and there are now many coffee makers that are specially-designed to cater to coffee pod systems. These are single-serve systems, with each individually-packed pod good only for one serving.

These coffee pods, also known as coffee pads in some European counties, are simply coffee grounds that have been prepackaged with their respective filters. Many of these pods usually come with perforated filters or are pre-pressed as a puck-shaped pod, which can easily fit into a coffee machine equipped with a coffee pod system.

With the growing popularity of coffee pods, more and more people have been jumping into the bandwagon and many brands have been introduced into the market. Perhaps the most popular of them are the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto from Nestle, the K-Cups from Keurig, and the Tassimo T-Discs from Kraft.

While there are many people raving about coffee pods, there are also those who are raising their eyebrows. So, let us take a look into the pros and cons of these coffee pods in the following areas:


Pros: According to many coffee lovers, investing in a coffee maker with a coffee pod system and using coffee pods is more economical than getting their daily caffeine shots from Starbucks or any other gourmet coffee shop. For them, opting for coffee pods will save them serious money in the long run.

Using single-serve coffee pods is also a popular choice among many people who want good coffee but cannot finish off a pot of coffee that many coffee machines are designed to make. After all, the unconsumed coffee is money wasted.

Cons: Though using coffee pods are more economical than going to Starbucks daily, they are still more expensive than homemade coffee. Also, buying coffee beans and brewing them is cheaper than investing in a coffee pod system and buying coffee pods. The difference in the cost per cup is considerable. Also, coffee pods may not be the economical option for a family of coffee lovers.


Pros: Preparing a cup of coffee using coffee pods is as easy as selecting the coffee pod flavor you like and inserting it into the right slot in a coffee pod machine. Voila! A cup of gourmet coffee brewed right in your very own kitchen.

Cons: Though it is really easy to make a good cup of coffee by using coffee pods, it can be quite a hassle to make several cups of coffee, especially when serving a lot of people. Remember, most coffee pod machines are single-serve systems or can only accommodate one coffee pod at a time.


Pros: The many coffee pod brands have come up with a lot of flavors and coffee beverage varieties for coffee aficionados. So, it is easy to have a crème de marrons espresso in the morning and a peppermint-flavored coffee in the afternoon. Many coffee drinkers have declared that coffee from coffee pods are at par with traditionally-prepared coffee beverages.

Cons: While many people think that coffee pods can perfectly imitate the flavor of traditionally-brewed coffee, there are many coffee connoisseur who maintain that no coffee pod can beat the real thing. For them, nothing can equal the flavor of freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee.


Pros: Whenever you are craving for coffee or for any particular coffee beverage, you can just get the right coffee pod and have the kind of coffee that you want, without having to fuss over measuring the necessary ingredients.

Cons: If you have a particular favorite coffee beverage, it would be better to stock up because there may be times when it would be unavailable in your local supermarket.

Also, many coffee machines for single-serve pod systems are specially designed for a specific kind and brand of coffee pod. In short, this kind of coffee machines forces the owners to buy the coffee pods sold by one company.


The question whether opting for coffee pods is a good choice rests mainly on a person’s lifestyle, coffee drinking habits, and preference. But one thing’s for sure – coffee pods has changed not only the way coffee is prepared but also the way it is enjoyed.