What You Need To Know About Coffee Brewing

Believed to have originated from Ethiopia during the 15th century, coffee has become an important part of human life for centuries and is currently one of the most consumed and best loved beverages all over the globe.

Moreover, coffee is one of the most widely produced and traded agricultural products in today’s world.

Through the years, several coffee brewing methods have been invented, which greatly determine flavor of the brewed beverage.

These various methods can be generally categorized into four groups, which depend on the way water is added to the coffee beans or coffee grounds:


This was the earliest coffee preparation method and the most widely-used before the 1930s. In this method, water is added to the ground or pounded beans and the blend is briefly boiled. A few degrees below the boiling point, the coffee’s aromatic oils are released.

However, the bitter acids contained in the coffee beans are released when the blend reaches the boiling point. The following are some coffee preparation methods that involve boiling:

Cowboy Coffee – This kind of coffee, which was popular in cattle ranches, is made by moderately heating the coffee grounds in a pot with water. The grounds are allowed to settle at the bottom of the pot and the liquid is poured off. Filters can be used to remove the fine coffee grounds.

Turkish Coffee – This is an old method of coffee preparation, which is popular in the Middle East, Africa, and Russia, that produces a strong coffee concoction with foam on top. Fine coffee grounds and water are brought to a brief boil inside a narrow-topped pot, which is called cezve in Turkish, turka in Russian, and kanaka in Egyptian.


This method of coffee brewing involved the soaking or steeping of coffee grounds in hot water. Some examples of this method include:

French Press – This coffee preparation method involves the mixing of hot water and coffee grounds in a French Press device and the brewing of the blend several times. This way, richer flavor is extracted from the coffee grounds and a very bold-tasting beverage results.

Coffee Bags – These are very much like tea bags. Coffee bags, simply put, are disposable bags that contain coffee grounds and are supposed to be steeped in hot water.



In this coffee preparation method, water is allowed to seep through the coffee grounds, which are held by a kind of coffee filter, in order to extract the essences and oils contained therein. Some of the coffee preparation methods that use the filtration technique include:

Drip Brew Coffee – Also known as American or filtered coffee, hot water is allowed to drip into the coffee grounds and the liquid with the extracted flavors drips into a pot or carafe.

Coffee Percolator – The coffee beverage that is brewed by a percolator is the result of the repeated process of letting boiling water pass through the coffee grounds, which is regulated by the machine’s internal timer.


In this coffee preparation method, hot water with high pressure is used to extract the coffee essences and oils from the coffee grounds. Two of the most popular coffee preparation methods that use pressure include:

Espresso – In this method, hot vaporized and highly-pressurized water is forced through fine coffee grounds. This way, a more concentrated coffee beverage, with more complex chemical and physical constitution, results.

Moka Pot – Also known as the caffettiera or the Italian coffeepot, a moka pot has three chambers. The lowest chamber is where water is boiled while the middle chamber contains the coffee grounds. The steam pressure from the boiling water in the lower pot forces the water to force through the grounds and the resulting coffee is collected in the uppermost section of the pot.

So, whether you like to have a shot of espresso or a cup of good, old Turkish coffee, knowing how it is brewed can make you better appreciate it.

Also, by adjusting the coffee-water ratio and with the addition of cream, milk, sugar, and the like, new kinds of coffee beverages can be concocted.

So even if this about What You Need To Know About Coffee Brewing you should just remember that at the heart of the various coffee concoctions is a well-prepared brewed coffee.